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Buttin Heads

Buttin' Heads

Ebony Onyx, Matrix Turquoise, African Labradorite, Carved Moose Horn

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Belts, Sizing and Availability

Leather belt strap colors: Black, Brown, and White (when available)

Additional belts $35.00

  • Small 30-32" (worn on hips ladies size 2-4)
  • Med 33-35" (worn on hips ladies size 6-10)
  • Large 36-38" (worn on hips ladies size 12-14)
  • XL 39-42" (worn on hips ladies size 16-18)
  • XXL 43-46"

Crocodile Strap: M - L - XL $175.00

Cinch Belt: XS - M - L $50.00

Sizing Guide

Womens Belts: Using an existing belt, measure from where buckle connects to the hole that fits you.

Men's Belts: Add two inches to your pant size, this way your belt will fit most comfortably near the center.

If you are interested in getting a Paul Pearman custom design, call 706-667-9535 or contact us at

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