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THe New GHSU Chandelier Unveiling

August, 2011

Internationally known mosaic artist Paul Pearman attaches colored glass on a section of a chandelier in May at his studio in Augusta. The work was commissioned for the new dentistry school at Georgia Health Sciences University.

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GHSU Chandelier for College of Dental Medicine Unveiled Wednesday

Crafty Finds - Atlanta.Net

March 2011

best bets section of magazine

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Going Green

June 2010

This show features Paul's work along with some of the other BCAF eco-friendly artists this weekend on Going Green with Yolanda Green.

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Paul Pearman's work is Eco Friendly

Green Crafters part VII: Paul Pearman's New School Mosaics

See how Paul Pearman is exploring green products, companies & ideas with an eye on design.

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Green Crafters, Part VII: Paul Pearman’s New School Mosaics

Quarter Horse News

April 2010

Artist Paul Pearman makes art for your hips with wickedly stylish mosaic belt buckles.

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ACC Atlanta Interview

Some artists worth finding at the Bayou City Art Festival

March, 2010

Art in the Park

Editors Note: It's the last day of the Bayou City Art Festival, so we're reposting this guide to some artists worth checking out:

What do a field of golden Humpty Dumpties, a mosaic belt buckle depicting Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and a child with a balloon riding a blue bull all have in common? If you’re stumped head to Memorial Park and search the booths of the Bayou City Art Festival.

Chicago Scene- Unique Holiday Gifts

December 2009


Buckle of Shards

July 2008

Paul Pearman boasts a wide variety of creative talents, including graphic design, sculpture, stained glass, painting and mosaics. He even made a living for a while knocking off the work of Van Gogh. Inspired by art nouveau and impressionist styles, he carefully places the glass in his mosaics to emulate the movement and direction of brush strokes. In addition to cut glass, he embellishes his work with semi-precious stones and exotic materials including coral, opals, turquoise, emeralds, jasper, ancient shark’s teeth, and the occasional carved skull.

Augusta Chronicle Applause Cover

August 2008

Paul Pearman’s work featured in the Applause section of the Augusta Chronicle.

SummerFest in Virginia-Highland

June 2009

Paul Pearman shows off his 'Silence of the Lambs' belt buckle during SummerFest 2009.

Watch the video footage here:

Interview with Paul Pearman

Watch the video below

On the Road: Augusta, GA

by Victoria Eckenrode

“We grew up with the world stopping in Augusta the week of Masters. The whole week was nothing but cocktail parties and brunches,” Lucy Shuler says to me, recounting her childhood in this Georgia city along the Savannah River. We’re sitting among friends at our own leisurely brunch...

Buckle Up

Metro Spirit August 2007 Article

Fasten your seatbelts, Augusta, because Mr. Pearman’s Wild Ride starts at his Lake Olmstead house and ends with his artwork adorning Keith Richards.

He's So Original

Skirt 2006 Article

Paul's work can be seen all throughout the Garden City. His three dimensional mosaic designs are on signs, mirrors, clocks, and even equine sculptures in Augusta. But lately, Paul has ventured into a new artistic arena: fashion. His mosaic belt buckles ( are becoming stylish must-haves for local fashionistas. Complete with vintage leather straps, exotic stones and glass buckles, Paul says the belts are his attempt at functional art, and the response to his latest venture has been tremendous. "It's been amazing," he says. "The belts are selling out the minute they hit the boutiques."

What he likes best about reading skirt!? "Now more than ever, I'm curious about what women want and how they think."

And what he likes best about wearing a skirt? "I love knowing that obviously there are no boundaries on my shameless self-promotion."

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