Residential Mosaics

Commissioned Work

Paul can create his masterful works of art on countless different surfaces. He brings the brightness and beauty of his designs to rugs, signs, fireplaces, and mirrors to name just a few. If you are interested in obtaining your own custom mosaic work of art, call us at 706-667-9535

Mosaic Rug

Sunroom, Summerville

Remodeling their home in Summerville was quite a project. However, it was all worth it! They love their new mosaic rug.

Paul suggested they use a semicircular design to mirror the shape of their custom door. The style of the rug works well in this tudor-style home.

Intertwining vines and detailed leaves with rich hues of brown and green are the focal point of this mosaic rug.

Light grey to blue background grouted in a dark charcoal.

This mosaic is the first to greet guests at the main entrance.

If you are interested in getting a Paul Pearman custom design, call 706-667-9535 or contact us at

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